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We develop enterprise solutions and strategies for virtual reality, mixed reality, smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Our focus is on the user experience and the delight of your customer. Through constant study of the market and research of actual users, we bring humanity to a technical solution. Technology is a tool at Taqtile, not a final product. An app, in the end should strive to transform the lives of its users.

Taqtile HoloMaps is the first app of its kind for navigating through a holographic model while simultaneously overlaying real-time data in either a solo or shared experience.

HoloMaps displays topography, infrastructure, and buildings in 3D while integrating data sources to bring contextually relevant information into the map. Collaborate and present to colleagues in the same room or remotely.


Taqtile has adopted the methodologies of Design Thinking, which puts the needs and delight of the user before all other objectives in the design project. Using small iterative cycles, we can focus on the critical business issues  using design, research, prototyping and usability testing with real users.


At Taqtile, design is an integral part of the project from initial phases all the way to the final product and beyond. To create the best mobile experience, we work with user centric design, creating elegant and simple interfaces to delight your users.


Our engineering team is responsible for giving life to the pretty pictures that Design creates. We have a world-class multi-cultural and multi-lingual team that will use the latest mobile technologies to bring your project to it’s fruition.

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We create software and solutions for VR, AR, and mobile. Our focus is on the user experience and the delight of your customers. We bring humanity to each solution.

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