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In just six years Taqtile has built some of the most compelling consumer mobile applications in the world. Companies like NBC, AT&T, Pepsi, Stanford University, Dollar General, and many others, have trusted Taqtile to lead their application strategies, development, design, implementation, and ongoing app evolutions.

Taqtile began with an opportunity to build mobile apps and platforms for AT&T.  A year later we expanded our partner relationships with Salesforce.com and ESRI, adding Microsoft in 2013.

Currently, Taqtile is focused on the rapidly emerging markets of augmented and virtual reality. In 2015, Taqtile invested in an elite engineering team with specific skills in 3D gaming solutions. This team leads the 3D development for our customer solutions and designs our proprietary 3D technology platforms.

Taqtile is building applications on AR and VR platforms for companies interested in applying this new technology to their business. Current engagements include sports teams, sports leagues, industrial companies, IT security companies, media conglomerates and others.

With our 3D expertise, we have built a proprietary technology which can call up any number of geographically defined areas, primarily cities, and render them holographically on any AR/VR platform such Microsoft HoloLens, Tango, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google VR, and others.

This 3D technology also allows public or custom data feeds to be rendered in the 3D map experience for users to see such things as traffic flows, location-specific tweets, weather, or any number of relevant location-specific data.

A powerful feature of our technology is the Collaboration Component. 3D maps and data may be viewed in a solo experience, or multiple users may collaborate in real time viewing the same 3D experience. Collaboration sessions may be used in Single Host Mode (one host has control of the environment), Alternating Host Mode (host controls may be relayed), or Open Collaboration where each user has full controls of the 3D environment.

One of the first public use cases of this technology is the solution Taqtile delivered for the Professional Golf Association (PGA) in 2016. Working with Taqtile’s partner Microsoft Corporation, Taqtile created a prototype experience of the 2015 Players Championship tournament at TPC Sawgrass Golf Course, in Ponte Verde, Florida for the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality platform.

The PGA Sawgrass HoloLens app uses Taqtile’s platform to render the golf course, integrate custom data overlays, and allow collaboration sessions. Custom data overlays include shot arcs and shot heat-map data from the PGA’s proprietary ShotLink Data system. Using the ShotLink Data, the platform renders the shot trajectories for each player over the entire course and each round and displays shot heat-maps (landed balls) for each hole.

Taqtile is bringing this exciting 3D technology to the public with the release of it’s free HoloMaps application in the Microsoft HoloLens store. HoloMaps let’s HoloLens users experience cities and areas around the world with many key areas such as Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, and the Roman Coliseum rendered in stunning 3D detail. HoloMaps features data overlays for weather, traffic, and geo-location tweets. HoloMaps is fun and addictive and showcases the power of Taqtile’s 3D technology and ignites the imagination with the infinite ways to use it.

Through Taqtile’s Professional Services division we are building powerful custom solutions for companies around the world. When developing custom solutions, our 3D platforms may be combined with Taqtile’s TQ1 Geofencing platform to provide compelling 3D consumer engagement experiences and powerful apps for internal training, planning, education, and large scale collaboration.

About Taqtile

We create software and solutions for VR, AR, and mobile. Our focus is on the user experience and the delight of your customers. We bring humanity to each solution.

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