Visualize the World like never before with HoloMaps.


HoloMaps is the first app of its kind for navigating through a holographic model while simultaneously overlaying real-time data in either a solo or shared experience.

HoloMaps displays topography, infrastructure, and buildings in 3D while integrating data sources to bring contextually relevant information into the map. Collaborate and present to colleagues in the same room or remotely.

The HoloMaps Store Edition integrates Bing 3D to delivery over 200 cities and landmarks as a 3D model of any size in a solo experience.

This version is a solo experience and features current weather & forecast, traffic flow lines & incidents, and geo-tagged Tweets. Add text notes and 3D ink annotations during sessions and save for later viewing.

Capture mixed-reality pictures and videos for presentations, itineraries, and to share with friends, family, and colleagues.

Heads up display of current and forecast weather.

Live traffic displays flow lines and incidences on the 3D map.


The Twitter feed displays geo-tagged tweets on the map.


Place notes and 3d annotations for later viewing.

HoloMaps Documentation

HoloMaps is intuitive and easy to use with simple gestures and voice commands. See below for documentation, tips, and recommendations on great locations.

User Guide

How to use HoloMaps, list of voice commands, and exciting locations around the world to view in 3D.


Video Tutorials

Summary on getting started using HoloMaps and overview of features.

Coming Soon

HoloMaps Store Edition

The HoloMaps Store Edition is a solo experience that integrates Bing 3D to delivery over 200 cities and landmarks as a 3D model of any size.

  • • Over 200 cities and landmarks
  • • Current weather & forecast
  • • Traffic flow lines & incidents
  • • Geo-tagged Tweets
  • • Text notes
  • • 3D ink annotations
  • • Voice command navigation
  • • Save text notes and annotations
  • • Capture pictures and videos

Enterprise Collaboration Demos @ Microsoft Technology Centers

We welcome enterprise customers to contact Taqtile to schedule a shared collaboration experience of HoloMaps at a Microsoft Technology Center near you.

Please use the form below to submit your MTC demo request and we’ll schedule your experience. You may also call (855) 827-8453 or email.

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