Where to start? What approach will give my customers the best experience with my brand and in turn give me the best result? Our App Workshop is designed to explore your current needs and capabilities, as well as readiness to embark on building an app experience. Through small iterative cycles and a short timeframe, we can help you create an app concept and development plan.



At Taqtile, design is integrated into the whole process. From app conception to delivery, each pixel is created and reviewed by a team that cares about User Experience, Simplicity, and results. The design team at Taqtile is also well versed in technology so they won’t create designs that increase budgets, rather they work within the boundaries of given technology to maximize the benefit of the app.


App Development

From mobile technologies, to web, to AR/VR, our development team has years of experience in bringing ideas to life. We constantly evaluate the tools and technologies that will insulate your project from obsolescence and make your customers experience responsive and delightful. We have multiple teams in multiple geographies that can handle your issues in a timely manner. We’re ready to start your project!


App Maintenance / Roadmap

At Taqtile we also recognize that your app requires constant updating attention and evolution. We provide a Maintenance and Roadmap service which allows your app to evolve with new operating systems and new features while at the same time handling your customers issues with the app. The more attention you pay to updating the app, the more your users will thank you.


Mixed Reality Services

Taqtile is one of few vendors with early access to technologies in the area of Mixed Reality. We are ready to work with your team in bringing this burgeoning wave of new holographic technology to your customers. Contact us for more details.

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Virtual Reality Services

Our team is well versed in the needs and possibilities with 3D computing and immersive worlds. Contact us to discuss your ideas or thoughts about Virtual Reality.

About Taqtile

We create software and solutions for VR, AR, and mobile. Our focus is on the user experience and the delight of your customers. We bring humanity to each solution.

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