TQ1 Geofencing

Reach your audience when and where it matters.

Technology to prove relevancy, context, and engagement to customer conversations

Are you just pushing messages at your users? As a brand, you want to have engagement and conversations. The notification should spark a conversation that ends in a purchase, or a service point, or a social post, etc. We want your customers to talk about you. TQ1 is technology that facilitates and enables that conversation.

Reach everyone or just a few

TQ1 allows you to send notifcations to your entire user base, or segment based on the individual profile of your customers. You can filter based on:

  • AGE
  • SEX

You can compare the results of your campaigns and adjust and improve for future campaigns.

Personalize the message and send!

After choosing the target public, just compose the message and select the offers that you wish to send to that public.

The messages can be sent instantly, or scheduled for a specific time / date. Even if your app is closed, they will receive the message.

Send offers only to people inside the store

Still trying  blanket promotions on the checkout counter in print? With TQ1 you can create specific offers for people already inside the store. As soon as they enter your store, they will receive a message with the offers of the day.

Discover who your loyal clients are.

Monitor statistics in real time to discover your most loyal clients are and how often they return to your store, as well as how much time they spend inside the store.

More than a mobile app, you now have a power platform of client relationship.

Attract clients passing close by your store.

TQ1 allows you to create virtual fences around your stores and send personalized messages for clients that pass by those stores.

When your client gets near a store, they will receive a notification with a reminder to buy items on their list or other possibility.

Use your creativity to increase store traffic to your store using this new capability.

Take your competitors clients.

By creating virtual fences around your competitors locations, you can use gorilla marketing strategies to attract clients nearby your competitors locations.

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